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Zebrafish research products

■Sales of out zebrafish ZF plate started May 25, 2015.

ZF Plate is a 96 well microplate optimized for screening during innovative drug development using zebrafish. Zebrafish can be easily sorted by putting zebrafish in each well of the plate and placing it in a centrifuge. Additionally, the plate is equipped with a glass bottom plate with excellent optical characteristics enabling more efficient quantitative chemical screening using zebrafish.

The sort rate is arranged in a horizontal row and, refers to the percentage of individuals that can be taken from the body side.

Usage tips to increase sorting rate.

  • Anesthetized zebrafish (3 to 6 dpf recommended)Devices used
【Devices used】
  • Microplate centrifuge (with flashing function)
  • Pipette (100 to 200 μl, 1 ml each)
  • Pipette chip (wide port, low suction type recommended)
【Distributors and dealerships】

Funakoshi Co., Ltd., Molecular Devices Japan Co., Ltd., and Biotec Lab Inc.

Samples are available at cost. To place an order contact a distributor.


Plate size (mm) W127.76 x L85.48 x H14.35
Applicable standards ANSI/SLAS 1 to 6
Well count 96 wells
Well capacity (μl) 250ul
Plate material/color Polyethylene / black
Bottom material/thickness (mm) Silica glass / 0.72 mm
Temperature for use 0 to 40℃
Temperature for storage 5 to2 5℃
Sterilized/non-sterilized Non-sterilized

■Click here for the product instruction manual(PDF 609KB)

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